Internship at Valencia Spain

Five major reasons

  1. It is a tradutional cosy city on the Mediterranean coast of spain, where participants can enjoy an excellent beach.
  2. With one of the best climates all over Europe (an average annual daytime temperature higher than 22°C, 71°F)
  3. More than 2000 years of history are reflected in one of the Europe’s largest intact historic centres, dating back from the Greeks, Romans and Muslims.
  4. Valencia has is one of the most popular destination for Erasmus students in its social life and its distinct night life.
  5. Numerous tourist attractions (BIOPARC, City of Arts and Siences, the nightlife in the old city centre, the beach, etc.)

The program includes

  • Enrolment fee and pre-departure assistance including visa procedure or Erasmus + application.
  • Selection of the necessary agreements with the collaborating company according to your needs.
  • Processing of the necessary agreements with the collaborating companies inside the legal framework of spain.
  • Help and support throughout your intrtship through our academic advisor.

Four requirements

  1. CV with previous studies.
  2. Cover letter describing the type of the internship.
  3. The exact dates.
  4. The spanish online test filled in our web page.